AVING (www.aving.net), global news network, in January 2006, opened the biggest press center in Asia called 'IT PRESS Hub in Asia' particularly designed for reporters/writers in IT field, at Seoul Digital Valley in Korea for full-scale news report about IT products.
This 1190 ㎡ center comprises mainly ' PRESS ROOM' and 'PRESS LOUNGE' . The PRESS ROOM is a press work room with an interesting feature called 'Experience for PRESS' where reporters can have hands-on experience of displayed brand-new items, get a feel for them, and discover new ideas associated with our digital lifestyle. Meanwhile, PRESS LOUNGE is designed to be a friendly place where reporters can take a rest and relax with a small cafeteria and a prominent home theater system.

Overall, the IT PRESS Hub in Asia is expected to serve as a key place to contribute to much better understanding of IT products in Asia and technologies for local and international reporters, who will produce the most up-to-date and concrete news in real time based on their actual experiences to buyers and end-users in global market. Once the news is published by the reporters, they will spread out the whole world quickly through millions of online channels and you can't imagine how great the marketing effects and cost-reduction effects for companies are.


We have long inspired to have a place like this. Now the time has come and we invite all of you to 'IT PRESS Hub in Asia' to collaborate and make use of this wonderful opportunity for you and for your valuable customers.

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