AVING, a global news media specializing in product and business news directly from exhibition site, has established a global news network consisting of news media, blog, and 757 other major media portals in over 53 countries. Every month, we deliver our articles to buyers, news editors, and power bloggers in across 175 countries around the globe.

AVING focuses on “product”—a key component and growth power of all enterprises. Each year, AVING reports from more than a hundred world-famous exhibitions that feature products from various areas such as IT, home appliance, automobile, furniture, games, etc. AVING travels near and far to visit companies and collect photo and video news material, a trademark style of AVING’s news making, and directly interview affiliates to accurately deliver all-industry trends and major news to our recipients.

To date, AVING has accumulated over 150,000 news, a million product/enterprise photographs, and about 10,000 video articles, which also include articles in five languages—English, Chinese, Korean, German, and Japanese. These visual-content articles that represent the style of AVING news transcend across various domains of different language and culture, and become instantly delivered to buyers (enterprise) and news editors (media) throughout the world.


AVING Copyright Laws

All copyrights and publication rights of content and intellectual property provided by AVING (AVING News Corp, NSBS Inc.), such as articles, photographs, audio, and video, are owned by AVING and are under the protection of related law. Without legal permission by AVING, activity such as publishing, broadcasting, distributing, copying, delivering, exhibiting, and selling content through modification and distortion are prohibited.

The following rules apply to users of AVING service:

  1. All information provided by AVING cannot be used without AVING’s lawful permission through any media by both direct and indirect publishing, broadcasting, distributing, delivering, exhibiting, and selling, and cannot be modified, distorted, or remade in order to commit aforementioned actions.

  2. All users given legal permission by AVING to use AVING’s content must do so solely for the permitted purpose and not for any other purpose.

  3. Users of AVING’s information must not modify, distort, or remake the content provided by AVING, and AVING is not liable for problems that occur due to content modification or distortion.

  4. Users of AVING’s information must not use without AVING’s preliminary permission for information reselling service with a for-profit purpose or information providing service for non-profit purpose.

AVING Network

AVING produces approximately 4,500 visual news articles with more than 22,500 images (per month) and although we prohibit the use of our content without the consent of AVING, if you become a member of AVING Global News Network, you may use AVING news contents. However, you shall not be allowed to report any of moving pictures and photos by modifying or processing the same. And in case where any dispute arises between AVING and any third party due to the news reported by you by editing and modifying the text provided by AVING, you shall be responsible for such dispute. If you are interested in joining AVING Global News Network, contact us.


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